Aries wants to be Leo. Virgo is annoyed with Scorpio. Virgo is annoyed with Leo. Leo and Scorpio hate Virgo. Aquarius will reign for a longer time than Leo because he is not afraid of the water. Gemini shows Aquarius the other side.  Scorpio is attracted by Gemini. Gemini is in love with Libra. Pisces is in love with Scorpio. Pisces wants to sleep with Leo. Libra smiles at Pisces. Virgo is annoyed with Pisces. Scorpio has a plan. Virgo doubts that plan. Leo wants to pour out a gallon of colour over Gemini’s head to keep him visible. Scorpio’s plan with Gemini is desperate so he wants to kill himself. Leo doesn’t want Scorpio to kill himself because of reasons of living. Virgo doesn’t want Scorpio to kill himself because of reasons of reason. Scorpio wants to turn into an embryo and be carried away by Libra but is actually carried away by Virgo. Aquarius is jealous of Leo’s love of life. Gemini sees things different. Libra wants to make friends with Leo. Leo is in love with Scorpio but would never tell. Aries wants to be loved by everyone. Leo hurts without knowing. Scorpio hurts knowingly. Gemini hurts without knowing knowingly. Libra would never hurt anyone. Virgo hurts when he thinks it is righteous. Aries is afraid of being hurt. Pisces is used to get hurt but cries, nevertheless. Aquarius steals away from being hurt. Pisces is jealous of Libra. Aquarius takes Pisces by the hand. Scorpio would like to be taken by the hand by Aquarius but would never tell. Leo tells Libra that Scorpio would like to be taken by the hand by Aquarius. Libra feels flattered by Leo. Pisces would like to burn for Scorpio but there is too much water around. Leo feels flattered by Pisces. Virgo shakes his head. Scorpio suspects Leo of not having any morality. Gemini is attracted by Leo but would never tell. Gemini is attracted by not being attracted. Scorpio is fond of Pisces.  Leo is pushed back by Aquarius’ show of fear. Virgo would like to comfort Aquarius but it is no use. Libra carries Virgo’s comfort in hollow hands to Aquarius. Aquarius is comforted without knowing by whom. Gemini smiles at Aries. Aries knows how to flatter Gemini. Leo is jealous of Aries’ knowledge of how to flatter Gemini. Pisces does everything Aries tells him to do. Leo doesn’t know when to stop. Pisces doesn’t know when to stop, either. Libra tells Leo when to stop. Leo is annoyed. Libra tells Pisces when to stop. Pisces is thankful. Scorpio has a plan.

Suddenly, Gemini disappears.

Suddenly, Scorpio retreats.

Suddenly, Aquarius retreats.

Leo’s in love with Libra. Libra smiles at Leo because he can’t really believe. Gemini finds Leo superficial but he would never tell. Pisces is intimidated by Leo. Gemini is intimidated by Scorpio. Pisces feels sympathy for Libra. Leo is intimidated by Aquarius. Aries is good in making friends. Pisces can’t get around with Gemini. Aries is lonely but would never tell.

Leo falls asleep. Scorpio has a plan. Gemini would never tell. Libra smiles, tired eyes. Pisces dreams. Aquarius trembles. Virgo shakes his head. Aries looks all around.

In the meantime the moon rose above an open field.

There is a small salty lake. Cancer rises from his hiding place. Everything changes.